Only when you touch and feel our products, lean on them and even crawl inside, will you fully appreciate the quality, craftsmanship and functionality. They do not show the superior quality of our painted finishes, the 2mm rounded edges to all painted edges, nor how tactile the units are. Photographs do not show how sturdy our units are.

So why not make an appointment with Lee to visit our showroom to view our products and discuss your requirements.









We currently have on show:

  • Delta Presenter 1200 15U
  • Delta Presenter 1000 18U
  • Graduate Alpha DDA 1500
  • Huddle 8 persion
  • Huddle DDA 6 person (in our meeting room)
  • DDA Deluxe PP 1200
  • DDA Alpha 1200
  • Alpha 1200 18U (With DigiLogo)
  • Atlantis
  • Lectern 80
  • Intellibench