This elegant lectern is designed to look good from any angle and combines metal, acrylic and wood. It features cable management through the steel base and an opal acrylic panel that can incorporate a logo.

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The Eclipse acrylic, steel and wooden lectern is designed to look good and elagant from any angle. It combines metal, acrylic and grey lacquered wood and features cable management through the steel base. In addition, the opal acrylic front panel can incorporate a logo.

Acrylic, Steel and Wood Lectern

JM Supplies specialises in producing high quality Audio-Visual furniture and lecterns. Also, we have a reputation for delivering high quality products on time, and in perfect condition. Furthermore, our units are customisable including housing of AV equipment, monitors, and control panels. The Kestrel lectern is one of our most popular lecterns and is a good example of how we mix materials and use superior coloured lacquer finishes.  JM Supplies are always on hand and happy to help you with your furniture needs, including bespoke design service. Auditoriums, classrooms, conference rooms and stages, seminar rooms, lecture theatres, and churches are perfect for this lectern.